How to join

For visitors (for first time)

If you are interested in joining our club to see if this club is a good match for you, contact us with your information such as your name, age, gender, experience of badminton, and the date you would like to participate on, by email or using Contact form, at least 2 days prior to the activity. We hope you will understand our player number limitation policy that we restrict number of visitors to two to secure our members’ slot. 

We are sorry, but we cannot accept visitors to our Members-only activity if it is first time. Please apply for a regular session first.
If possible, please come to the meeting-place instead of directly going to the venue.
(For schedule, meeting location, and etc., see Schedule page.)

Template for application

Name (Given and family name): 
Date to join: 

For 2nd participation or later

Let us know your preferred activity you would like to join by 20:00 of the previous day.
Please understand that we apply a player number limitation to secure play time if player number exceeds our capacity.

What to bring

  • Athletic attire
  • Shoes for indoor use
  • Racket (We can lend you. Let us know in advance if you need.)
  • Participation fee (See below)

Participation fee

  • For adult men, 500 yen per session
  • For the other members, 400 yen per session (e.g. women, high school students, etc.)

* Shuttlecocks are included in the fee.