Regarding Activities

I have a question about the club.

Please do not hesitate to contact us using Contact form or by email if you have any other questions.

What are the members like?

Twenties and thirties are the majority, and the ratio of men to women is about 3 to 2.
However, we do not mind your age and gender, so please take the above information just for your reference.
Kids and students require parental consent. (Parental accompanying is okay if you like.)

We welcome foreigners too, but only some of our members can speak English, though we have not got any major troubles on communication.
As long as all of us have a good manner and respect others, we believe there is nothing we have to worry about.

What is the ability range like?

It is generally about beginner to intermediate level and advanced level players sometimes come, so, high level players may feel bored.
(We will adjust difficulty and load in that case.)

I am a beginner, can I participate?

No problem, some of our members started from the beginner level.

Can I join alone?

Absolutely! Most of visitors join alone.
We do not mind whether you are alone at all.

What the club atmosphere like?

We workout harmoniously with badminton in a friendly atmosphere.
Since we are an adult club, we do not do so hard practice like the school clubs do, but we do practice, focusing on improvement too.
We are not sure our club is a very right place for you, but please do not hesitate to try-out as a guest player.

What is the general flow of your practice like?

The following is our basic practice flow.

  1. Warming up (volleyball, dodgeball, etc.)
  2. Basic shots
  3. Knocks
  4. Patterns / drills
  5. Games

Do you offer coaching?

Unfortunately, we don’t.
However, if you would like advices on how to improve, our members will be happy to teach you.

Where do you play?

We play at public schools’ gym in Setagaya, Tokyo.
Please see Schedule page for the details, because the location varies.

I am not sure about the venue

We set a gathering location (generally, the nearest train station) for most activities.
If you worry about the path to the venue, please come to the assembly place to head to the practice venue on a correct route together.
Regarding the meeting location and time, see Schedule page.

If you know the venue very well, you can directly come to the venue without meeting.

Do I have to inform in advance?

Yes, we need your cooperation with the attendance information to prepare practice items ahead.

How much does it cost to join?

See How to join page, which has the details.

Do you have insurance coverage for accidents?

We do not have group insurance for accidents.
We always make the best effort to minimize risks of accidents and injury, but the responsibility is on the individual. So, we strongly recommend you have your own adequate insurance to cover any eventuality.